How to Make Him Want You Even More! Here is the Art Every Female Must Master at All Costs

How do some girls keep their boyfriends still craving for them, even when they’ve been together for years? Sparks are important in any relationship. Keep the flames in yours alive and burning with these tips to help you stay the object of your man’s every desire. There are not a lot of rules in this department. All of it boils down to titillating his senses and creating anticipation so intense that he won’t ever want to keep his hands off you. If this is your purpose, here are 7 tips:

Share a good laugh everyday.
Believe it or not, some people look forward to the end of the day so they can go home to their loved ones and just talk about random things. No matter how stressful the day was, it’s important to find something amusing about it. These are usually trivial things, like a weird guy on the bus, or a funny incident at the office. Make the story animated and inject lots of humor in it. What you’re actually going when you make your guy laugh, is letting his happy hormones run free. Endorphins are released when people laugh, resulting in that warm, fuzzy feeling of happiness and contentment. Do this regularly, and he will always want to come home to you.

Pamper him.
Guys don’t want sex all the time. Sometimes, their senses need stimulation but not in that department. So the next time your guy has been extra good to you, spoil him to pieces with a lavish three-course dinner, followed by a bubble bath, then a massage. You can take him out to paint the town red, or you can give him the time of his life right in the comfort of your own home.

Call him up at work and tease him on the phone.
Try this – it really works. You will be amazed just how quickly he gets home after home and how hungry he is for you. If you’re too chicken to give him an actual call, send him a naughty text message instead. Tell him what you’re wearing and how naughty you’re being, and how you wish he were home so you can be naughty together. Be as graphic as you can when describing. 분당스웨디시

Satisfy his sexual needs, in unique ways.
There’s a scene in an episode of Sex and the City wherein the girls attend a tantric sex workshop. A European lady demonstrates how to sensually massage a man and touch him in all his erogenous areas, and intensify his orgasm just by massaging. It is unique because he doesn’t have to have sex with you, and that’s a whole new experience.
Condition his mind.
The trick to get him to want you, is to get him to need you first. And you don’t have to dangle everything in front of him and make him beg for it. Condition his mind subtly by referring to the both of you as “we”. It will slowly dawn on him that you are no longer just him and you – you’re actually together. And when his mind’s been conditioned, he will feel natural to want you and no one else but you.

Hold off on the sex.
Guys who get too much of a good thing eventually tire themselves out and lose interest. To keep your guy from falling into this trap, it’s okay to say no sometimes. Make him crave for your body. Then, when you think he’s suffered long enough, make the first move, and throw all your special moves into the groove.

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