Belly Dance For Fitness and Weight Loss

One of the most popular fitness trends to have come out in recent years is the art of belly dancing. This once exotic dance form is now enjoyed by many women, both young and old, who belly dance for fitness and weight loss.

Belly dancing is called Danse Orientale (Oriental Dance) in Turkish and it is a social dance performed in parties, family get-togethers and during rites of passage. The belly dancing that we now know in the US today is a mixture of the traditional dances from the countries of Egypt, Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, Morocco, Spain and Russia. It’s sensual moves celebrate the female form and contrary to the popular belief, it is a dance performed by women for other women.

Belly dancing is a complete body workout for it exercises not just the abs but also the legs, waist, knees, hips, pelvic muscles and thighs. It could also minimize menstrual pains and lower  Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic backache. Keep in mind that belly dancing’s weight loss benefits can vary depending on the length and the intensity of the workout. Belly dancing can also be good for cardiovascular conditioning and for building strong bones.

As its popularity grows stronger, many gyms and fitness centers now offer belly dance lessons for fitness and weight loss. Classes are open for beginners and advanced students alike. Participants rave about the variety and the effectiveness of their routines which makes them stick to it compared to other programs they have tried before. Women who belly dance swear on the fact that the activity helps them in their fitness and weight loss goals.

If you prefer to try belly dancing in the privacy of your home, there are also many instructional videos on belly dancing which you can purchase online and on fitness stores.

If you’re looking for a new exercise routine, then why don’t you try the art of belly dance for fitness and weight loss?

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