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The Power of Simplicity of a Polo Shirt

In the world of fashion, for an apparel to be called a classic is a matter of immense pride and respect. Every fashion house that is worth its salt is on a constant quest to create something memorable and absolutely absorbing, something that will be remembered and loved by generations to come. But it is absolutely ironic that some of the most iconic classics that have been around for close to a century were actually simple apparel that were created out of a sense of purpose. They were not made with the intention of moulding sensations, they were made for a certain requirement and yet despite being a simple and humble creation they went on to become classics เสื้อโปโล.

Polo Ralph Lauren SLIM FIT MODEL - Polo shirt - french navy/dark blue -

The polo shirt as we know it is one such icon that was born out of necessity and is nothing more than a comfortable top that allowed for better mobility while playing tennis. Yet its impact in the world of fashion has been immense and noteworthy. What was once just a comfortable shirt for sweating it out on the tennis court is now an icon of class, finesse and maturity and sophistication. Polo shirts are among the most versatile piece of clothing that a man can possibly own. Sure it is no match for the raw appeal of a printed t shirt, but absolutely nothing gives your casual fashion that touch of the purest elegance like a polo shirt does.

This potent elegance, of the polo shirt, while being naturally simple appears to be a combination that is too good to be true. No wonder it is widely considered to be a fashion essential. So how do you wear it? The problem in the world of fashion is that one small mistake in your choice of clothing can spell disaster and quickly give you a reputation of being the weirdly clothed guy if you are not careful. So now we take a quick look at just how much mileage the simplicity of a polo shirt can give to your casual fashion.

As simple as it is, making a striking style statement with the polo shirt is equally simple as well. For starters, you can try the fool proof smart casual look. Let your polo be the top layer and let it do all the talking while you accentuate it with some slim fit chino trousers, preferably in beige, navy or grey colour. Top this look off with a pair of loafers or leather brogues. This clean and well-polished look is guaranteed to shower you with relentless attention from the fairer sex! If you are really in the mood to step up your game then try buttoning up your polos all the way to the top to sport that original and authentic classic retro look.

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