How Rugged LCD Monitors Have Evolved In Time

These days with the advent of LCD technology being available at much lower cost than it was five years ago, LCD monitors are being brought into use in a wide variety of applications that require rugged screens.

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Typical uses for them are in the fitments of emergency service vehicles e.g. Fire, Police and Ambulance.

Where as once the screens were too big to fit in the vehicles, now they have come down in size and quality such that small high definition screens are now fitted to every vehicle for a wide range of applications, from satellite navigation systems through to police computer systems that are linked back to mainframe computers enabling the police to have far more in car access to information than they previously had when they were forced to use very small traditional televisions, which meant the size that could be fitted in the vehicle was very small due to the depth of the CRT tube MaxiIM IM608.

Where as now a thin rugged screen of a much larger size can be fitted to the car.

Portable rugged monitors are also now available enabling them to be deployed as computer monitors in the setting up of field incident rooms.

Now rugged screens can be made with touch screen technology, which many people would never have dreamt could be made to work in a rugged application. This has enabled them to become widely used in the rail industry where the convenience of a touch screen has obvious operator benefits where by using a normal keyboard is simply not a practical option. They are used in few applications from monitors for the driver to see on train security cameras, through to touch screens to enable the conductor to update reserved seating systems.

The benefits of rugged screens are numerous, the first being they can withstand hard knocks or even being dropped of, of a table. They can be made waterproof and scratch resistant. All of these factors mean that they can be used in a very wide range of applications from being used by the Army in setting up temporary field operations through to be used widely in the utilities industry for data collection purposes.

Even if you have a custom application there are companies that will make you a screen to a specific size which is handy if your proposed application has limited space available. They can also be made to work with a variety of input systems.

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