Sipadan Diving, The Supreme Experience In Malaysia

You decided to take a memorable diving trip. Now it’s time to read up on the top 5 Sipadan diving sites.

(1) Barracuda Point. This diving site gets its name from the whirlwind of different types of barracudas that you will find yourself in. This is for intermediate to advanced divers only, a site that can be explored all year long. The dive starts off with a 10 meter wall, where there is a bit of a current, meaning there’s plenty of food, therefore a high chance of seeing schools of various types of butterflyfish and triggerfish. You’ve got a high chance of seeing grey reef sharks hunting for food, as well as dogtooth tuna. You can continue cruising beside the wall and dropping to a max of 40 meters at your leisure. However, you should be careful with the strong undercurrent on the North side. Sipadan diving would be incomplete without the amazing tornado of barracudas, so put it on your list NEW YORK ASIAN ESCORT.

(2) The Drop Off. This is the emblem of Sipadan Island diving, just 600 meters from the beach. As soon as you enter the water you will be surrounded by several hundreds of jacks and bump headed parrotfish. These will keep the ever-present “white tip” and “grey reef” sharks preoccupied. This intermediate to advanced site can also be explored at night.

(3) Midreef. As with all the other Sipadan diving sites, you should be careful about the very strong current that tends to thrust you upward. This site is famous for the amazing large green turtles that will escort you along the vertical dive wall. Idly swimming beside the wall, you’ll have plenty to explore, like soft corals, navy knotted sea fans and orange gorgonian fans hanging from the ledges. You’ll also see gobies, Forster’s hawk fish and a unique type of blenny, which can only be found in the waters of the Sulu Archipelago.

(4) Staghorn Crest. If you are diving in Sipadan, then you cannot miss this amazing site, which is the photographers’ delight, with great lighting in the afternoons. You start with a moderate descent along the drop-off, followed by a steady descent lengthwise the wall. A wonderful garden of staghorn corals waits for you at the shallow end. The corals have matured to astounding proportions of 2 meters wide, at the depth of 15 to 40 meters. The fish you’re likely to come across are groupers, nudibranchs, angelfish, gobies, grunts, shrimps and triggerfish.

(5) Turtle Patch. This Sipadan diving site is suitable for beginners, with a gentle current, best known for its low calm waters and coral gardens. The main attractions are the giant turtles that eat the sponges. The reef has an amazing array of staghorn, leather and small table corals. You can also see spotted sweetlips and pufferfish, as well as lionfish and moray eels, maybe even an Asian leaffish reeling gently in the current.

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