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How a Feng Shui Blog Can Help You to Improve Your Life

Are you interested in using a Feng Shui Blog to help you create your own universe? There are many Feng Shui consultants on the Internet today, and some are free and others aren’t. So how do you tell which ones are legit and which ones are just trying to take advantage of your situation? Let’s discuss the basics of Feng Shui here…

One of the most common areas of Feng Shui is the Northeast area of your home. This is called the “life area” or the “well-performing” area of your home. Why is this? Basically, when you have a Feng Shui consultant with you at your fingertips, they will identify the areas where your chi can flow freely. This is the best place for you to be in your home, as this area is full of energy and prosperity, all of which bring luck to you in your personal life.

For example, if you have an earth-tone wall, it is very Feng Shui for you to hang up rugs on each of these walls. If the rugs are black, then this earth tone wall is a great place to hang a white Chinese tapestry on. Again, the colors and the patterns don’t even need to match. It can be a vibrant blue rug or a deep forest green one. This is a great way to bring the earth tones into your life area and really maximize the chi flowing through you. You’ll notice a big difference in terms of money flow as well!

The next area of your life area that is important to identify is the Southeast portion of your home. This is called the “water elements”. If you are like me, chances are you live in a home where the kitchen, dining area, and family room are located near a body of water. If this is true for you, then you will want to decorate your home decorating with Feng Shui colors such as aqua, pink, and light green.

If your life area is not located near a major river or body of water, then you need to look at the Southeast section of your home. This is known as the “wind” element. If you have an abundance of wind, then you will want to use the Feng Shui colors of white, gold, purple, and green. If you have a scarcity of wind, then you should consider using the Feng Shui colors of copper, orange, red, and yellow. These colors bring luck and abundance to your home and office.

When you learn more about Feng Shui, you’ll find that there are many different areas of your home where you can place items such as rugs to help with the overall flow of Chi. Also, it is important to learn more about Feng Shui colors, tones, and designs. Learning more about Feng Shui will allow you to have peace of mind in your life. You will be able to identify the areas of your life that are most problematic. This will enable you to make changes, which will help you improve your health, finances, and even your relationships.

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