Industrial Washing Machines

If you run a business that requires you to wash clothes, food products or even office equipment then you will need industrial washing machines. Many of us think of these as large water tanks used by commercial cleaning services, but they are also suitable for home use and in the home. These machines can be powered by gas, electricity or even water meaning that they are much more versatile than you might first imagine.


The most common types of industrial washing machines are vertical and inclined. The most commonly seen kind are those that have a cylindrical shape. These are more suitable for use on floors and are generally only used for washing larger items. The other type is the upright, which is more like your conventional washing machine. This machine can be positioned on a raised platform or hung from the ceiling. Although it is designed to wash larger items it is good to know that these machines also come with flexible hoses so that certain clothes can be pre washed whilst being washed in another load.

There are also different attachments available for some machines. For example some of the newer models of vertical industrial machines have an automatic button to clean t-shirts and coats whilst other attachments have been designed with specific uses in mind hoa chat giat la cong nghiep. Some attach to rollers and others have a detachable frame that allows it to be folded away when not in use. One such attachment is the ‘roll cleaner’ which is designed to remove dust and lint from carpets and fabrics. These are very convenient for use in homes where there is a constant flow of traffic, especially in offices.

Most industrial washing machines are now fitted with a rack and drawer type system. These are great for storage of delicate items that are not often washed. The machines come in a variety of sizes depending on how many customers you are dealing with and the amount of washing that needs to be carried out. You can choose small machines that are perfect for a studio flat or a large unit that can cater to a good sized commercial business. Machines can also be custom built to best suit your particular requirements.

Another factor to consider is whether the machine will have a ‘quiet’ mode. The vast majority of industrial washing machines have a separate sound system that is used to alert you to any problems as they are being worked upon. A separate sound system will make a distinct noise that is less noticeable when the rest of the room is silent. This is also important if you are in an area that is susceptible to noise such as a recording studio or home office. Some machines will have a unique white noise option which is perfect for these areas.

Some industrial washing machines can come with a range of features. These tend to be aimed at businesses that have a high level of usage. Some machines offer the ability to pre-spin, add colour and embroidery and even have drying racks. Others allow the use of a push button and a remote control. These are great machines for large companies that tend to use industrial cleaning machines on a regular basis.

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