Creating Roof Gardens in the City – The Sky’s the Limit!

Too many people living in a city like New York, designing a garden on a roof or terrace is their primary means for creating a sanctuary away from the urban hustle and bustle that they have to deal with during the rest of the day. It is human nature to desire a place to come home to, where you can rest and regenerate with a renewed sense of vitality each day.

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Having a roof or terrace space is really like having additional rooms in your apartment. Space is a valuable commodity, so adding outdoor rooms for sitting, eating, relaxing, and entertaining is not only aesthetically pleasing, but a smart investment as well. A well-designed roof garden is built to engage the senses and transport visitors to a place of peace and beauty. In a land of concrete and steel, these gardens are some of the most treasured green spaces on the planet mái tôn đẹp.

One of my roof garden clients said to me once, “One of my favorite things is listening to the wind blow through the trees – I’d thought about how the garden would look, and even smell, but never considered how it might sound!”

In addition to single-family gardens, landscape designers are also called on to create roof garden spaces for co-ops and other community gardens, where the space is shared by many different people. I try to have something for everyone in a space like this. I like to celebrate the diversity of the people living together in urban communities with diverse garden plantings, such as a flowerbeds with many different looking flowers blooming at every time of year, hardy shrubs and trees, perhaps a water feature, and inviting areas for relaxing and recreation.

The Four Season Garden is of particular interest to me because I believe the garden is a place for beauty and enjoyment in every season. Spring is a celebration of new growth and blooms, summer is a season of ripening vines and lush tropical plants, fall is the season for graceful grasses and the rich hues of leaves turning colors, and winter is a season of evergreens, berries, and the beauty of tree bark such as the brown and white exfoliating bark of the birch tree. Every season is ripe with beauty if we just know how to encourage it.

Urban gardening comes with its own unique set of challenges. Roof gardens have to deal with extremes in temperature and high winds that can quickly shred large-leaf plants not suitable to life atop a mountain-like rooftop. Most roof gardens are in somewhat remote locations, where you can sometimes work for an entire day on a garden without seeing another living soul, even though on the street below thousands of people may have walked by without a clue that a beautiful garden paradise exists several floors up. Roof gardens are like little secret jewels hidden out of reach in the clouds, nestled between skyscrapers and birds.

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