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How Bad is a Hookah For You? Are Hookah Pipes More Dangerous Than Cigarettes?

It’s rumored today that smoking hookah pipes is safer than smoking cigarettes. But nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re using a shisha or hookah pipe to smoke fruit-scented tobacco it’s not safe and actually dangerous to your health. How bad is hookah for you? Newest studies show that people who use hookah pipes are actually absorbing much more carbon monoxide than people who smoke cigarettes. There are even cafes and bars called hookah bars or shisa bars that have recently cropped up and many young people are flocking to them. Whitluck's Tobacco Pipe, Handmade Wood Smoking Pipe, Perfect  Beginner Pipe Kit for Smoking with Ultimate Guide E-Book, Gift Set and  Accessories (Sunny Yellow): Home Improvement

But medical experts are warning about the dangers of smoking hookah pipes. The facts show there is less nicotine in the smoke from a waterpipe than there is in cigarette smoke however there is MORE nicotine in the smoke from using a waterpipe in just one use over 30-40 minutes than from puffing on a cigarette for 5-6 minutes.

And there is significantly more tar in smoking a hookah pipe than in cigarettes and tar is what causes heart disease and cancer, not nicotine pipes for smoking.

It also appears that smoking hookah pipes is just as addictive as smoking cigarettes. It appears that physical dependence on nicotine and the psychological dependence that can occur are the same.

So it’s a myth that hookah smoke is not dangerous. It appears to be just as bad or dangerous if not more so than smoking cigarettes. It’s not known what effect inhaling arsenic, chromium, lead and cobalt will have over long term usage. Protect your lungs!

There are also studies that show that using a waterpipe can increase infectious disease transmission and there can also be more dental problems. The metals in the pipe don’t appear to be a problem but it’s the metals in the smoke. There are much more metals than found in cigarettes.

Know what your risks are if you’re smoking a hookah pipe. You want to stop the addiction and risk to your health and possible death from cancer or other infectious diseases. What appears as a nice sweet flavor and an unfortunate myth about water filtration are really just bad for your health. Protect your lungs, heart and body from the effects of smoking hookah pipes. Do your research first if you’ve never smoked a hookah pipe. If you’re already smoking consider stopping before you become addicted and ruin your health. It may not be reversible. If you smoke, quit smoking now!

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