Who Is Caribou? A Musical Mystery Tour in the Canadian Film Industry

In the late 1970s, artist Daniel Vickers created the character of Who is Caribou for Canadian singer John Denver. In the musical, Vickers wrote a poem called, “The Ballad of John Denver”. In this poem, he describes a young man who is crippled and left alone by the rest of his village. He then begins to wander off, until eventually he ends up in a lonely forest.

A few years later, Canadian singer, John Denver, would create an album entitled who is caribou? The album, as you can imagine, would not only star John Denver, but also famed comedians like Mike Myers, Bill Murray, and Beverly D’Angelo. It is essentially a musical about two bears who wander the wilderness. The musical includes several traditional songs, but also ventures into territory that is often favored by musical artists, like pop-rock. For that reason, the Who is Caribou is widely hailed as one of the greatest albums ever!

Who is Caribou? did feature several other famous faces from Hollywood, as well. Some of those who were featured on Who is Caribou include: Steve Martin, Whoopi Goldberg, Dabney Coleman, and Roseanne Barr. These individuals also have their own careers within the musical arena, so it is safe to assume that Who is Caribou was very popular indeed.

Who is Caribou? remains an important and beloved musical, to this day. Not only did it introduce a beloved character to the world, but it also created a whole new fan base for the musical. People of all ages – from young children to teenagers to adults – enjoy this musical because of the engaging nature of the bear characters, as well as the heartfelt message of love that fills the music.

The success of Who is Caribou? has led to several follow-up films that feature the original bear character. These films include: I am Alive, I Am Alaskan, Everybody Loves Raymond, The Replacements, You Can’t Take it With You, and Wild Things. There is also a stage play written about the life of Who is Caribou?

For many people, Who is Caribou? remains an important piece of Canadian history. It is certainly a unique musical with fantastic characters, but it’s also a great example of how the film industry has changed in the past 40 years. It has provided entertainment for generations and continues to do so today.

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