Dusitos Restaurant in Potome

Cupom descent is the name of the restaurant started by Mr. Richard de Koning. Mr. de Koning has been a chef for over 20 years. He decided to open a restaurant named after his family in Kopitiam, a small seaside resort near the Chinese border. Mr. de Koning has decided to combine Eastern and Western cooking styles and recipes. So far, the restaurant has been very successful in Pichau, a small coastal village in Sri Lanka.

cupom desconto pichau

The main dishes served in the restaurant are Chinese like Duck Douyu, Char Kway Teow, Ma trio, Pad Thai, and Fried Brie. These dishes are made with rice and coconut milk. This form of preparing food preserves the natural flavor of the seafood. For starters, we can start to try this delicacy known as Mango. It is not too sweet, but rather, it has a nutty flavor that is rather amazing.

Next on our menu is Haupia. This dish is made with fish eggs or flesh. It is marinated in lime juice and red chilli paste. We can also try frying the fish in batter then serving it on top of steamed white rice. Haupia is one of the seafood delicacies from Sri Lanka that is very popular cupom desconto pichau.

Next is Tuna curry, a very delicious dish. Chicken or fish are both used to prepare this curry. Also, it is prepared with a special sauce made of tamarind. Another famous dish of this place is Laksa, which is a coconut dish. It is served with fried rice and is accompanied by other tropical drinks.

A very famous dish is Keratin chicken. It is prepared with duck’s feathers, chicken’s meat, and shrimp paste. When these ingredients are combined, they become smooth and creamy. The dish is then decorated with lemongrass. Another famous dish here is the snake cake. This dessert is made with coconut meat, banana slices, sugar, egg, ginger, and cream.

Desserts are also very popular here. Chocolate cakes, milkshakes, and cappuccinos are served. If we want to have something sweet, we can always try the chocolate almond ice cream. It is made with almond essence and milk.

Spa treatments are also offered in this place. They offer a variety of skin and body exfoliating products. They also offer a variety of aromatherapy massages and steam bath sessions. These are great to relax and rejuvenate your body. Steam baths are also famous here in Sri Lanka.

There are many other dishes that are famous in Sri Lankan cuisines such as Paal Suvarna Meen, Katti Paruppu, etc. This restaurant serves amazing vegetarian food that is both tasty and healthy. Some of the dishes that are popular with the people here are Katti Paruppu, Paal Suvarna Meen, Sadhamsaka, etc. Other than these, there are other local dishes also which are being served in this restaurant. For example, there is a famous Tamil chicken rice called “Pani” that is very easy to make.

At this restaurant, there is a huge collection of seafood delicacies. The seafood that is being served in this restaurant is fresh, rich in taste, and full of flavor. Some of the most popular dishes here are Salmon, Fried squid, Mahi, etc. These dishes are served along with different sauces that are famous in Sri Lankan cuisine. Other than this, there is also a big collection of desserts and deserts.

Seafood is famous all over the world. People love seafood and this is why they get their fill at this restaurant. The other popular seafood dishes served here are Basutta, Halibut, Prawns, Hoki, etc. These are some of the best fishes that are all prepared and served in the best manner possible. In fact, people love to dine here for the delicious seafood. You can also try out other seafood delicacies such as crab meat, lobster, octopus, etc.

As far as drinks and desserts are concerned, there is a huge selection of them. These include such flavors as coconut cream, banana nut, coconut milk, cashew nut, etc. There is also a huge collection of non-vegetarian dishes that you can try. Some of these include Coconut fried rice, Ginger chicken, Spicy tomato curry, etc. The non-veg cuisines served here also include South Indian curries, Thai and Chinese stir fry, etc.

If you are looking for a perfect getaway from your daily routine life, then this is the best place to be in. The ambiance of this restaurant is just magical and it creates an atmosphere where you feel relaxed and forget everything. The staff and chefs here are very friendly and the prices here are also very affordable. Thus, you can also experience a perfect Dusitos experience right here at the Cupom desconto restaurant in Potome.

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