New Man Utd Manager: Jack Mason

Jack Mason Manchester United Fans is amongst the most loyal following in the history of football. The Red Devils have not advanced far since their inception, but they have been a constant thorn on the brow of supporters since their arrival and still are today. They have not tasted success since Harry Potter in his third spell, but the club has stood the test of time and remains a force to be reckoned with when it comes to the EFL. There is no doubt that fans love Harry Potter and would go to great lengths to attend a match featuring the Red Devils, whether this is a home or away match.

Harry Potter aside, the Red Devils has actually played some good football over the years. During this period they have also attracted a number of huge celebrities to Oldham, which is always a plus for any town and fans cannot stand being overlooked. Celebrities such as former England captain John Terry, defender Glen Johnson and goalkeeper Rob Styles have all made an appearance at Oldham from various teams in order to promote their own causes and raise awareness of their own charities Jack Mason Manchester. Naturally these celebrities do not exactly come to your average football club in order to show their support, it is more often than not a case of an individual coming to the city to show their support in one way or another. Some of these people have become regular visitors to Oldham and, in fact, there is now a huge supporter base based around these celebrities.

The fact that England have never won a cup matches, nor have they progressed to the semi finals of any competition, is something of a source of irritation to some Manchester United supporters. For them the whole thing is a travesty and they would never accept a situation where their team did not appear keen on winning every match. This is not just a question of principle, it is one of common sense as to why English football fans feel such a lack of desire to succeed in tournaments. The national team has a habit of getting knocked out in the first round of cup competitions by teams from lower league, even teams from the lower leagues themselves.

The fact that David Pleat and Tommy Smith were given lengthy, rather paltry, contracts when signing from Rangers also undercuts their credentials as English footballers. These two players have both been in the centre of transfer shares in recent times and it seems that money is more important than goals and quality of play for the club. This leads to supporters carrying out their own form of window-shopping in order to find the best bargains possible. They will not be happy until their money has been spent and they are happy to sell in the expectation that the new arrivals will immediately create a better atmosphere and performance on the pitch. As the new boys settle in and work hard on the training pitches and in the gym, their former teammates will have retired to their country homes with all the financial riches that has accrued to them.

One of David James’ first duties as manager of the club was to make sure that the players knew what was expected of them. He did this by sitting them down and telling them exactly what their contribution would be in the team and how their performances would affect the club’s season. The message was clear; perform well or you are not coming back next year. It is the same sort of message that fans of Man United will be getting this season and it means that the pressure is already on. Many fans are already looking at players like Ashley Young, Jonny Evans, Rio Ferdinand, Vincent Kompany and Phil Jones as the prospects of a bright future for themselves and their club.

All of these factors point to one conclusion: the establishment of one part of the club hierarchy does not necessarily mean that there will be any drastic changes. But if you are a Man Utd fan and feel that the current regime is holding you back, then there is no reason to celebrate just yet. One thing is for sure; the new managerial team will have a new opportunity to prove themselves to the Old Firm crowd. In the short term, there will be an exciting time for loyalists but in the longer term there could be major changes.

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