Solving the Problem of a Gummy Smile

One of the most recognizable paintings in the world, and certainly one of the greatest artistic masterpieces, revolves around a simple smile. The Mona Lisa is Leonardo da Vinci’s famous painting and one that has elevated smiling to the level of the sublime.

Commissioned by a rich merchant of the time (the smiling Mona Lisa is said to be his wife), Leonardo da Vinci took on the work and gave the world the smile that has been replicated and immortalized in countless postcards, stationery and greeting cards all over the world. Mysterious and intriguing, with just a hint of mischief as if she knew something no one else did, it is the smile that continues to captivate the viewer today, as it has for over six centuries.

Corrective Options for a Gummy Smile
A less-than-perfect smile can sometimes make a person feel insecure or self-conscious. With recent great strides just cbd website in the dental industry, getting the smile you’ve always wanted is within reach.

If you feel your smile reveals too much of your gums, there is a relatively simple procedure that can address and correct this. Gingivectomy is a surgery that removes some of the exposed gums using an instrument called a dental laser. This is virtually painless and requires no sutures, causing the gums to recover quickly. It is important to note that avoiding the consumption of crunchy or chewy foods for a few weeks after the surgery helps in the healing process. Another procedure to modify a gummy smile involves reshaping the gums around an individual tooth and later on lengthening the crown of the tooth. This procedure requires local anesthesia and suturing and comes with a longer recovery time.

Before engaging a dentist to perform cbd oil cartridge either of these procedures, be sure to do diligent research. Schedule an interview; come with a prepared set of questions to ask and expect straightforward, honest answers. Make sure the dental professional you hire to correct your gummy smile is a respected, qualified and above all, experienced professional in this procedure.

Perfection is Not Required
The power of a smile, even one that does not have the claim to fame that da Vinci’s masterpiece does, cannot be underestimated. It transforms an ordinary face into a great beauty; it can evoke sun-drenched memories of bygone childhood summers or moonlit romantic evenings; and, if a popular 70s TV show is to be believed, you can even turn the world on with a smile. Just remember that a smile does not have to be perfect to work its charm and magic. But it sure helps!

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