Macaws For Sale

Yes, Macaws are for sale just about everywhere. Foreign scammers abound, as do 5 to ten year old birds that have long been forgotten or simply exist as a nuisance to their owners. If your really serious about shopping for a macaw check out the new growing array of breeder directories. Some of these sites are becoming be scam free.

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Internet scammers are infiltrating every classified site. They are fairly easy to recognize but are getting more inconspicuous. Things to look out for: Cheap prices on very expensive birds, broken English or wording that is not commonly used, and my favorite, listing birds to be in “perfect health with all their shots.” Birds are not vaccinated like dogs and cats. Yes, some breeders will sometimes list birds as having received a specific vaccination, but will also state the disease with the vaccination munchkin cat for sale munchkin kittens and munchkin cats.

Scanning classifieds you will also come across macaws for sale that are being re-homed by their owners. If you are up for a good challenge, or are already well accustomed to macaw ownership, then taking on a “rescue” is very rewarding. Be aware though that most of these re-homes come with a lot of baggage in the way of behavioral issues. Fortunately for the birds and breeders, re-homes usually make good breeding stock (at least in macaw parrots.)

Macaws are available from good breeders. Skip the classifieds, go where breeders have been hand picked, practice good husbandry, feed good diets, deal fairly with their customers, and are forming buyer friendly internet communities. Most of these breeder communities offer parrots for sale in various locations within the United States. What is most important is that breeders have been chosen to be there and that the site doesn’t allow just anyone to post listings. If you want a quality baby macaw, patronize honest and hard working breeders that have what you are looking for, quality baby macaws.

I am a breeder of many types of birds for over 15 years. I have a very special place in my heart for the large macaws. I keep 5 macaw re-homes and am the owner of a new and exciting site called Bird Breeders Elite. Here breeders have been hand picked and do not pay for their listings. The site is packed with valuable information to help you find a macaw, and keep you excited about owning your macaw.

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