Federal Job Postings Require Special Resumes – Is Your Federal Resume Written For Success?

Resumes written for jobs in the private sector are geared to get the job candidate an interview. Resumes written in order to get a job with the federal governments must do more–they must clearly show that you can be certified as qualified by the Human Resources office because you meet the eligibility requirements for the job.

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A federal resume needs to include a greater number of specifics than a resume in the private sector and should use language similar to that in the job posting because the HR personnel will be looking to see if you have the specialized experience required job posting.

The federal government recommends constructing your resume in line with the requirements for presenting your experience that are stated for each job. Federal resumes should use a chronological format so that the staffing specialist who reviews your resume can easily see know where, when and how long you were in the positions you mention. A functional or skills-based resume does not work for federal positions.

In addition, resumes for federal posts should include information not typically given for other resumes, such as:

Job Information: The announcement number, title, series and grade of job for which you are applying.

Personal Information: Your full name, mailing address, day and evening phone numbers including area codes, your social security number, your country of citizenship, veteran’s preference, reinstatement eligibility and the highest federal grade civil position you have held.

Education: The names, cities and states, and date of degree or GED for your high school and the names, cities and states and dates and majors for any college degrees you have received.

Work Experience: The job titles, duties and accomplishments, employer’s names and addresses, supervisors’ names and phone numbers and the starting and ending dates, hours per week worked and salaries for all the jobs you have held.

Other Qualifications: Any job-related training courses you have completed, skills you have developed, or certificates and licenses, honors, awards and special accomplishments you may have achieved including your published work, memberships in professional societies, leadership, public speaking and other awards.

Your federal resume should cover your work for about ten years and include references to what you did, how you did it and your accomplishments. It should be targeted to the position for which you are applying in a manner that demonstrates your qualifications for that position.

Your federal resume should be between three to five pages long not including pages that contain your statements of knowledge, skills and abilities–your KSAs. If you do not have enough work experiences to fill three pages, then your resume may only be one or two pages long.

However long it is, your federal resume holds your potential for federal job placement. Federal resumes are best left to professional resume writers who are very familiar with the desired federal format.

Professional federal resume writers can also help you with other documents in the federal application packet, so if your dream is being hired for a federal job, find a qualified professional who will help you get through this process successfully.

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