Five Interesting Golf Gifts for Women for That Special Occasion

Most people consider golf as a Gentleman’s sport. This is why it might prove a little bit difficult to choose the perfect gift for avid female golfers. Women love receiving gifts from family, friends and significant others. Therefore, if you are a person who is looking for a unique golfing gift to give a woman, here are some ideas that you can use now.

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Golf Ball Retriever

This is a gift for any golfer. Most female golfers do not like getting their hands dirty while on the turf. That is why they fail to retrieve golf balls when they land in the water. A golf ball retriever saves her the stress of getting yucky and does not allow her to abandon her balls anytime they land in less than unpleasant places Golf Gift Idea T-Shirt.

Golf Sunglasses

These are necessary for anyone who wants to play golf. You do want the harsh glare of sunlight distracting her from playing the game. In addition, squinting and playing golf in the bright sun can set off painful headaches. Do her a favor by getting her a handy pair of glasses that she can use on the course. It also leaves her looking stylish and chic.

Golf GPS

This is a great tool for both the beginner and professional golfer. GPS help to measure the course layout and estimate yardage. A good GPS is potable and waterproof and is far more helpful than a caddie is. If your goal is to impress a female golfer, this gift has her name etched all over it.

Golf Balls

These might look like obvious gifts. However, any woman who plays golf will always appreciate extra golf balls. You can add your own unique twist by adding her name or monogram to the balls.

Golfing Clothing

Men can get away with the traditional turtleneck or polo shirt when playing golf. On the other hand, women look forward to wearing something unique and fashionable while on the golf course. You can get her the sleeveless performance polo shirt that is great for summer. It is contemporary, flatters a woman’s figure and protects her from the sun.

In addition, you can buy the classic polo shirt that comes with a 7-button front and fitted silhouette. You can get them in women friendly colors like cabana pink, lemon chiffon, basil green and cantaloupe. As I always say, “If you can’t play well, you might as well look good.”

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