If There’s One Thing We Know About ‘Man of Steel’ It’s This

We don’t really know anything! Warner Brothers has kept the details of the upcoming film tightly under wraps. Sure, a teaser trailer exists and there are rumors floating around, but what will the storyline actually look like this time around? Just for fun, I’m going to piece together some of the news that’s circulating about Man of Steel. I’ll caution you, though, some of this news might be shocking!

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Is It Jenny or Jimmy Olsen?

There’s word today that the character usually known as Jimmy Olsen will actually be played by a girl – making it ‘Jenny Olsen.’ The report comes from IMDB, which lists actress Rebecca Buller as currently playing the part of Jenny Olsen on the Man of Steel set. If you prefer scripts that stick to the original storyline, seeing Jimmy turn into Jenny might cause a bit of an upset.

Then again, Jimmy (or Jenny) Olsen isn’t a major part. For those of you unfamiliar with the character, Jimmy Olsen is a photojournalist working for the Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane (who will be played by Amy Adams in the upcoming film) and Clark Kent (played by Henry Cavill). Photojournalists and gender aside, it has also been confirmed that Man of Steel will be more than a little action packed Vlone Clothing.

Jay Oliva Weighs In On Action

Jay Oliva is the man behind the Man of Steel storyboards. As an artist, Oliva works on all those excellent action scenes. Oliva recently told press that the new movie will be seriously action packed. So, those trailers that are ever so teasing and seem to be packed with action aren’t simply designed to grab your attention. The trailer stays true to the film. In short, this will definitely be a movie that knocks your socks off with more action than you thought possible. It’s hard to dispute this fact, since it comes straight from Oliva. Now, onto the costumes!

Toys Reveal All

The last bit of recent Man of Steel news comes from Toyz Mag. The magazine has just released photographs of Superman and Zod toys. These toys show Henry Cavill as Superman wearing his traditional Superman suit and looking rather intimidating. Zod is decked out in all black and sporting a new suit that has a horseshoe-shaped symbol on it (I’m guessing it’s meant to look like a ‘Z’?).

It’s hard to guess at the quality of these toys from behind a screen, but they do give us a good idea of what Zod and Superman will look like in the film.

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