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Angel, Our Rescue Dog

When it comes to dogs, I have absolutely no will power to say no and just turn my back. I don’t know exactly what it is about them but I am at their mercy. I recently stopped by the local humane society to drop off some dog and cat food and was lured into the area where the dogs are kept by one of the volunteers, Macy that works there.

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For me walking into that particular part of the facility is a no-no especially if my husband knows I am stopping by there. Macy just wanted me to see the new little puppy that was left at their door sometime during the night. He was what looked to be part German shepherd and part lab. He one ear that was bandaged and small cuts on his legs and body. She told me that he would need special attention given to his injuries and with the shortage of funds he would most likely be put to sleep.

She briefly told me about the note that was with him that was from a teenage girl that was attending a party with some friends. Apparently the person hosting the party brought in this puppy from out back for some terribly cruel entertainment. As soon as the puppy was taken back and tied up she grabbed the puppy and left the party. She said that the puppy had a better chance at finding a happy home at the shelter than he had trying to live one where he was, and she was right. I filled out the papers and took him to his new home

I was a bit nervous to get out of the car with him when we got home, my husband was due home any minute and I had to introduce him to my two dogs in the house, Mimi and Sophie. They are miniature dachshunds one is blind and about 10 years old and the other is 3 years old and spoiled rotten. I knew that there would be no problem with Sophie she loves everything and everybody. Mimi on the other hand is a loaded pistol ready to go off at any moment. To my surprise Mimi was very curious but gentle with the little guy, it was like she could sense he was injured.

Then the moment I was dreading happened, my husband came home. I was breaking his most sacred rule when it came to dogs, “No Big Dogs”! It wasn’t because they were not as lovable as little dogs or that they were mean or destructive, no for him it was that they pooped to big, and he wasn’t going to be picking it up. I know, I use to laugh when he would tell me why I couldn’t have a big dog, but he is very serious and up until now I have respected his wishes. But things change and stuff happens and somehow we will accept the changes and deal with whatever happens.

We have decided to name him Angel; because one saved him the night the teenage girl took him from that terrible life. All of Angel’s injuries have healed and he is settling in with his new family very well. I will keep you posted on how our new addition is doing and what my husband and two other dogs think of him. As for me I am as happy as I can be, I finally have a big dog and he’s perfect.

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