How to Change an Aggressive Dog Into a Well-Behaved, Obedient Animal

It’s possible to turn an aggressive do, that fights with other animals, into an obedient, well-behaved animal. It requires a certain amount of training, but it can be done.

Aggression in dogs – especially when they are mature animals – can be a real problem.  It’s all very well to blame the owner, although this is frequently the root of the problems, but very certain strains within the breed are very much aggressive than others.   It is possible that the dog you have purchased comes from  a particular line known to be aggressive.

This doesn’t mean that your task of training is impossible.  It does mean however, that you will have to put in a great deal more effort than would normally be the case.

Having said that, the owner of the  potentially aggressive dog has to accept responsibility for  curbing unnecessary aggression.  And it is unnecessary uncalled for aggression that we are talking about. 

Of course if you are training for Schutzhund with your Rottweiler or German Shepherd you want the dog to bite and the harder the better.  But this is controlled aggression, which is quite a different matter.

Training  of a potentially aggressive dog should begin early.  Let your dog know very early that you are the leader of the pack. Let the  animal be aware that certain behavior is not acceptable.

This doesn’t mean that have to be unnecessarily harsh with the dog. But by all means be firm. Be firm in your handling; firm in vocal commands, and firm in your reprimands.  Being firm does not mean that you have to shout – far from it.  It does mean however, that the dog has to hear determination and no nonsense  steel in your voice.

Aggression in dog frequently starts when steel bite pro the pup with an aggressive streak – refuses to be dominated.  You have to take care with a pup of this nature to play in a  happy, but  controlled manner. Play with the pup by all means, but don’t tease the pup by slapping him on the face, either with your hand or a rag.  Make a sharp distinction between boisterous play and too much aggression on your part.

Watch the pup’s reaction very closely.   Listen to the nature of the growling. There is a distinct difference between playful, happy growling and really aggressive growling.

The pup will often bite your hand – often in play – but sometimes he oversteps the mark.  Reprimand quickly and sharply. Not with your hand, but with your voice.

Let the pup know in no uncertain manner that this sort of behavior will not be tolerated. Stop playing and put him back in his kennel.   It is possible that your pup has no real intention to hurt you but don’t let him overstep the mark.  He must always respect you and know what is permissible and what is not.

It goes without saying that you should never lose your temper with your dog.  It is often very difficult not get very cross when there is bad behavior and complete disobedience.  But never overstep the mark yourself.

If you happen to be in a bad mood at the particular time, rather leave training for another day.

When the dog is older and of course more powerful there is still a basic similarity in your training methods.  If you reprimand the dog the dog must be aware that you are  displeased.  But this  still does  not give you license to shout. 

There can be steel in your voice even in a whisper.

When your dog is older, you have the advantage of the wonderful training mechanism – the training collar.   With restrictive correction you don’t have to use your voice at all.  You can prevent the dog from going something you object to fairly easily.

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