Puerta Real Gardens – Truly Spectacular

As seasoned travelers to Manila would already know there is more to Manila than meets the eye. This sprawling metropolis is not only home to fascinating attractions in the likes of Intramuros and Coconut Palace, it is capable of offering a range of great entertainment spots such as the 70’s Bar, a relaxed rock and roll joint where visitors can jive to the beats of the great music and have fun. You can also visit the Casino Filipino if you are in the mood for some good old fashioned gambling. Visitors can try their luck at roulette, stud poker, blackjack and craps at this casino where the atmosphere is addictive till the late hours of the night. Visitors on the lookout for a great meal will have the pleasure of choosing from a number of restaurants such as The Banana Leaf Curry House, Bellini’s, Benjarong Royal Thai Restaurant and the Aristocrat which was opened in 1936.

The Puerta Real Gardens are located in the city of Manila and is an attractive venue that can be utilized to host functions such as weddings, corporate meetings and other private social gatherings. These magnificent, lush gardens lie next to the defensive ditch which was originally designed to protect the Intramuros from potential enemies. At this site visitors will be able to inspect the Peurta Real itself which is a royal gateway which was only used at important occasions. These gardens are where the Intrmuros Evenings cultural shows are staged annually อนิเมะซับไทย. The drawbridge at the site is another unique feature that visitors should not miss as it is a significant part of the defenses of Intramuros.

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