Learn How to Change the “Read More” Hyperlink in Joomla Articles

As a Joomla developer, you know that when you first install a Joomla site all articles that are long enough to be continued on to a second page will have a default link that says “Read more: The Article Title” by default. This may be acceptable for most situations, but you or your client may wish to change the hyper-linked text that leads to the rest of the article. The method I am about to explain will allow you to change each article individually thus making a more customized hyperlink structure throughout your site.

I will now show you how to make this change, but before I continue, I want to let read more you know that I am assuming you already have a Joomla site set up and you know how to access and use the basic elements of the Joomla administration area.

First, you will have to locate the article you want to change, so go to the “Content Menu” and choose “Article Manager”. Now locate and open the article you wish to change and go to “Parameters (Advanced)” and look for “Alternative read more text:”. Now enter the text you would like to be used as the hyper-link to the full article in to the text box and click “save”.

A quick note, this will not change the title or name of the article on the page, but it will still link you to the continuation page of the article. Now instead of “Read more: The Article Title”, you will only see the text you entered in to the parameter described above.

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