Android Tablets – What Are They and What Products Are the Best Out There?

After the introduction of the iPad, people have fallen in love with the tablet PCs. A tablet PC is not a laptop in the sense that it does not have a folding screen although it is as powerful as a laptop in terms of comparable performance. It is just a tablet with a fully functional touch screen that will allow you to browse, watch videos, listen to audio, play games and even use it for taking notes and reading electronic books. The most important thing about tablet computers is that they are very, very portable. Unlike a laptop that requires a backpack or a laptop bag to carry around, the tablet computer will fit in most coat pockets or women’s handbags.

However, the drawback to the iPad and other popular tablet computers such as the Samsung Galaxy is that they can get quite expensive. Most people cannot afford to spend about $400 on the latest iPad and just pass on the thought of owning a tablet PC. However, people with smaller budgets can now still own a tablet computer by buying a cheaper Android tablet.

Android tablets are much cheaper than the iPad or the Galaxy. To understand why they are cheaper, you will need to know a little bit more about the Android operating system. All Android tablets use the Android operating system to run the tablet. This is an ucdm mexico en linea open source operating system that is free to use by anybody. In other words, any manufacturer can make a tablet PC and install the powerful Android operating system as software to run the tablet. The latest version of the Android operating system is the Android 2.2 version that is otherwise known as Froyo.

The free Android operating system has allowed many manufactures to come out with Android tablets that are much cheaper than the comparable iPad. Apple charges a premium price for their iPad simply because they were the first to come out with the concept of the tablet PC. Loyal fans of Apple will still shell out $400 on the iPad although most of them do not realize that they can get the same, if not better value by buying Android tablets that retail for a much cheaper price.

There are some Android tablets in the market today that you can buy for even half the price of the iPad or the Samsung Galaxy tab. The best part about Android tablets is that most of them will also use the same hardware that is used by reputed brands such as Samsung. For example, the Samsung Galaxy tab uses the Cortex A-8 or A-9 chip architecture. The Cortex A-8 and A-9 are open source technology which means that it is not just Samsung who has the right to install their chips on their tablet PCs. Many manufacturers of tablet PC’s have taken advantage of the Cortex A-9 technology by installing it in their Android tablets.

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