Finding Your Inner Strength (AKA Cultivating Your Inner Good Witch)

My clients come to work with me for a variety of reasons. Some clients come to deal with anxiety, insecurity, or unhealthy relationships with food. The ‘presenting problem’ is often different, but the common motivator is usually the same – there is a part of their life that isn’t working and feels confusing. They feel lost. They want something different but don’t feel they know how to get there. Everyone comes seeking more clarity and better solutions for moving forward.

Have you ever felt this way about life?

Have you ever felt dissatisfied or unhappy 토토사이트 and didn’t know quite what to do or how to change your situation?

Have you ever felt as though you couldn’t make a decision, or that there were a million different people living inside your head, and all of them want something different?

I may as well be asking you – “by any chance, are you a human being?” because this happens to every single on of us.

One of my favorite topics to present on is the use of metaphor in therapy and healing work. I absolutely love it (and anyone that has worked with me will tell you I use it all the time). One of my favorite metaphors for developing our inner strength when life gets confusing is the Wizard of Oz (yes, you heard me right).

There are many reasons that the Wizard of Oz is one of the most famous movies of all time. It’s a great movie, but in my opinion, it is also one of the greatest metaphors in our common cultural sphere – and I want to break it down as I see it for you to help you look at your situation a little clearer.

In the movie, Dorothy finds herself in a confusing and unknown world. She just wants to go home.

She is told that she has to find this great all knowing Wizard, and that he will have the answer, so she sets out to find him, believing that he has the solution to her problem.

On her way she meets the Lion without courage, the Tin Man without a heart, and The Scarecrow without a brain. She also meets a wicked witch, and a good witch. And then there’s Toto.

So – Here we go – metaphor time.

In your life, you are Dorothy. Along your path, you get lost from time to time in situations that feel scary and unfamiliar. You just want to go “home” – and in real life – “home” is the reconnection with our self.

As we go down the yellow brick road (which is life), we face some scary stuff (flying monkey’s anyone??).

We also aren’t alone. We travel with a cast of characters, much like Dorothy, only – they are in our mind. We all have our own version of the Lion, The Scarecrow, and the Tin Man. We have our inner good witch and bad witch as well. In therapy, we get all fancy and call these inner parts “ego states”. The theory is that we have parts of our identity that exist that play different roles and have different functions.

We all have that part of our self that can be really frightened, and we all have the part that can really be courageous (both parts of the Lion). We all have the intellectual part and the capacity to not “know” something and be confused (both parts of the Scarecrow). We all have the connection to heart, and have part of ourselves that is able to disconnect from that (usually out of defense) and be without our heart (both parts of the Tin Man). We also have the wicked witch ego state, which is commonly referred to as the “inner critic”, but is the voice in our head that torments and criticizes us.

Lastly, we also all have our good witch. This is the ego state that I believe is connected to the divine and is there to support our highest good. This is where I want to focus.

As adults we have the capacity to choose which ‘part’ we want to feed. We can actively and consciously choose which ego state gets to run the show. We can choose which voice we listen to and which voice we actively reinforce. We can choose to listen to the good witch, and let her advice and direction guide our journey.

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