Cooker Plus Splash Back and Cooker Hood Equals the Perfect Match in Your Kitchen

When choosing a new cooker our decision is normally governed by whether our current model has broken down or not, failing that it will normally be because we are replacing our cooker because it is a bit grubby and outdated looking more like a museum piece than anything you would willingly prepare food with. There are many cookers on the market these days with a vastly broader choice of brands and models to choose from.

These days you may find that cookers can look a whole lot more stylish and complex than the older models, not only are there easy to understand displays now on modern cookers but there are also other features that can make your cooking experience a more convenient, even enjoyable one. A lot of homes have now made the cooker more of a feature and included two accessories: The cooker hood and the splash back.

The cooker hood is normally found directly above the cooker, specifically the hob or gas burners, it fulfills two purposes – clearing steam and smells as well as having a light to provide a better 토토안전사이트 view of your food cooking, especially when you are making sure to cook food to certain levels like a rare or medium steak that you don’t want to end up charred beyond well done.

Cooker hoods can come in a wide range of styles to suit people’s tastes, typically most hoods will be metal for housing the extractor fan and lighting but some models can have glass hoods to provide a clear and attractive look. Some homes even have fold down televisions built in to the cooker hood which can be perfect for following along with any TV chefs or cookery programmes if you fancy yourself as the next Jamie Oliver or Gordon Ramsay.

The splash back is fairly obvious from its name, as food cooks on the hob some substances such as oils and sauces can spit up and during the course of your cooking can cause quite a lot of mess. If you have painted or tiled walls the last thing you’ll want is for your walls to get stained or damaged by food splashing up on to them. A splash back is a surface that lines the wall behind your cooker and hob to protect the walls and is normally made of glass or metal as these are easiest to clean.

If you want to create a good impression and have an enviable kitchen then buying a new cooker complete with a cooker hood and splash back can really transform your kitchen and create a professional looking setup that will impress your guests as well as anyone dining at your house

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