Why the Bounty Hunter Metal Detector is So Popular

There are many manufacturers of metal detectors today offering a huge choice of products to choose from including whites, garrett, radio shack and of course bounty hunter. Here we will read some of the reasons why the bounty hunter range has proved to be the most popular amongst both amateurs and professional treasure hunters.

Weight – when using a detector you are constantly supporting the devices total weight as well as any other equipment and clothing that you have. There may be a long walk or steep climb to get to the area that is to be used for searching. While searching you are constantly moving as well as swinging the device in a sweeping motion 안전토토사이트 back and forth. As a result of these it’s very obvious that a heavy device is soon going to wear you out and cut your treasure hunting day short. Bounty hunter models are all designed with weight a major factor to be taken into account and produce the lightest models available today.

Easy use – the controls are kept simple to use with a sensitivity selector to set according to the type of ground that you are on the electronics then doing most of the work constantly fine adjusting the level of sensitivity as you move. This results in an even signal which is easier to work with as without this feature as your device goes over higher or lower ground the signal will alter although you haven’t found anything. Some of the available models have a built in ability to distinguish between types of metal showing you what you have found meaning that you can then decide whether its worth digging up or not. Constantly uncovering ring pulls can become rather frustrating after a while.

Headphones – in a quiet area people can soon get annoyed with someone constantly bleeping so headphones are a great way to prevent this. Sometimes you also don’t want anyone else to hear when you have discovered something. In the same way a noisy background can make it difficult for you to hear an audio signal. The solution is to have a detector that has both a visual meter display and headphone capabilities. This is another design feature incorporated into bounty hunter devices that proves to be popular.

Price – most people doing this are hobbyists and don’t want to spend a fortune on a device which only gets used a few times a year and this was realised by the company many years ago and products have also be produced that can be bought from $200 well within someone budget. With fancier more expensive specialised devices also available for the professional hunter

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