Where Where to Find Vital Marriage Recordsto Find Vital Marriage Records

Where to find vital marriage records is more a matter of knowing where to go on the Internet or through other sources of information and then either requesting those records online or go to the actual brick-and-mortar location where they’re being held. Marriage records are considered public information, and federal and state laws require municipalities to maintain such records in perpetuity.

Normally, marriage records — regardless of where in the county the marriage has been performed — are kept in one form or another at the county seat or county headquarters. Therefore, it might be a waste of time to go to the small town where the actual physical marriage was performed. Instead, it’s smarter to go to something like Vitalflow the county building and then check in with the registrar of records.

Generally, vital marriage records are not normally viewable online and if they are, most county registrars will require a small fee be paid. For persons who need a copy of such a record, it’s more a matter of going to that county building and then asking for one. Of course, nothing is free these days and an actual paper copy can run up to 15 dollars in cost to reproduce.

What are some of the reasons, then, why people might need to examine vital marriage records? One of the most common purposes is that a person may need to add their spouse to their company supplied health plan. Given our fiscally constrained environment these days, most health plan administrators will require that a person adding a new spouse to their plan supply proof of marriage.

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