Good Bye Jimmy Choo, Hello Hunter Wellingtons

I have worn Hunter Wellingtons most of my life and through the years Hunter Boot have gained a trusted reputation and popularity for mastering the art of welly making and introducing revolutionary technology. The 1800’s saw the birth of the first Hunter Wellington boot, courtesy of American entrepreneur, Henry Lee Norris. His welly proved not only to be extremely valuable for both World Wars but also a part of British life. Things were about to change, in 2009 the welly was about to be reborn. Hunter decided to collaborate with another Powerhouse brand, Jimmy Choo producing the most luxurious welly the world had ever seen. This welly was embossed with the signature Choo crocodile print on a glossy rubber. After they officially announced their collaboration, the Wellies were sold out before they even hit the shops. This was a clear indication to Hunter that they were no longer for the English countryside; they had officially conquered the fashion world with a bang. Fashion queen Naomi Campbell was among the first of celebrities to be pictured sporting a pair of these boots at the 2009 Glastonbury Festival in the UK.

After the summer success of the Choo Welly, Hunter wanted to produce their very own. Keeping to the Choo formula they generated a new luxurious and sexy welly collection in exotic 안전토토사이트 animal prints called the Carnaby. A lot of people have been asking about the name Carnaby, like with all of Hunters products paying homage to their roots, Hunters have named them after their flagship store located on Carnaby Street, London.

Will this prove to be Hunters most stylish collection to date with Lizard, Boa Snake, and Ostrich, prints featured in sleek black? It’s very similar to the Choo trademark crocodile print but making no compromise on style or quality. Top fashion magazines are predicting this will be the welly for 2010 summer festivals like Glastonbury, Bestival, and many more.

Hunter usually releases their new collections in the Spring, but for these super sexy wellies it will be the 1st of January 2010. We say Good bye Jimmy Choo, Hello Hunters!

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