Canoe Paddle Types – Selecting the Right Canoe Paddle According to Your Needs

Canoe paddles are definite must-haves if you’re going to pursue canoeing either as a sport or as a hobby. You need to invest in good paddles so you can easily propel your canoe on the water. There are several canoe paddle types from which to choose from. These paddles are classified according to the intended use, and according to the shape of the blade.

Types based on purpose

Recreational canoe paddles are types of paddles that are used for casual canoeing. They are typically made of aluminum, cheap inflatable paddle board wood or plastic. Decent recreational paddles are made of laminated softwood so they are more durable and lighter.

Lakewater canoe paddles are used on lakes and are designed to accommodate continuous and smooth strokes. They have narrow blades that are ideal for padding over deep, flat waters.

Whitewater paddles come with short blades that have straight tips. They have longer shafts and fitted with larger T-shaped grips because they are made for quick powerful strokes. They are designed for navigating the canoe across aerated and shallow water. Because of the rough waters, this is one of the canoe paddle types that have to be made of tougher materials such as fiberglass and wood. The blades are bigger and wider compared to lakewater paddles. They are also either flat or spooned.

Finally, there are the performance canoe paddles. These are paddles that are designed for racing or fitness paddling. They are made for speed and are relatively lighter than other canoe paddle types. Performance paddles are made of composite materials such as Kevlar and carbon fiber to ensure durability without the additional weight. The shaft is bent forward in order to maintain the vertical position even while making extremely powerful strokes.

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